Thank you to the 2019 volunteers

Thank you to the volunteers!

First to our committee: Liz, Deb, HeatherMichelle and Nick!

Over to Kimberly with the Stephenson County Fair Board and all her demo derby volunteers! Shout out to the volunteers who helped do gates at grandstands, direct cars for parking, ask for donations, monitor bounce houses, clean up grounds (for all that trash that gets tossed) and all the other running around: Amy, Val, Beck, Corbin (and daughters), Tamara, TimKyle, Steve, JackLatishaDustyAmandaPatrickMichelleKathy, Connie and Amanda S.

It was a crazy day, but a successful day. As always a huge shout out to Jerry Kubatzke for always making sure the fairgrounds are prepared (trash cans, fencing, parking, lights, water and everything else that goes into it!!!).

Special shout out to Dave & Larry Tuell, for the second year in a row coming to our rescue and helping us keep us on track. You two have been in the industry a long time and we are beyond grateful to have your help and the help of your amazing volunteer crew as well ❤🇺🇸 #community#invested#volunteer

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