Grab your family, friends and all your neighbors and get ready to "Light The Night" this July 6 at the 2019 Freedom Fest in Freeport, Illinois. If you have any questions, we'll try and answer them below.

What time are the fireworks?

The Freeport Fireworks celebration is an all day event starting at 11:00 am and going until the fireworks are over at dark, usually around 9:00 or 9:30pm. See the events page here to see what's going on.

Where are the fireworks held?

The Freeport Fireworks are held at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds located at 2250 S Walnut Rd.

Where is parking allowed?

Parking is allowed on the fairgrounds and all along the roadways, where permitted by law and by the business, all surrounding the fairgrounds. Attendees park on South street, Highway 26, along Walnut Ave, across from the fairgrounds and in parking lots such as Harbor Frieght Tools, Dairy Queen, Slumberland, Logan's, the Fire Station and many other locations, including south of town, all around the fairgrounds area.

Where are the fireworks lit off?

It's a secret. If we told you, we'd have to kill you. Just kidding. The fireworks are lit off on the fairgrounds and only authorized personal are allowed near the actual setup. The fireworks are lit from the southwest corner of the fairgrounds property. In years past the fireworks were lit off in the pit on the north end of the fairgrounds. The fireworks gained nearly 70' of height by this move in 2018.

Is any transportation provided?

In 2018 organizers of the event worked out a deal with City Transit Solutions who provided transportation services to and from the event. We're still working out the details and schedule for this year.

Is there a cost?

The fireworks are FREE to see for all who would like to come out. Food is available at a cost, as well as souvenir and other such event related items that are available for purchase. The demolition derby is $10.00 and children under 4 are free. We do accept donations prior to and at the event, and we appreciate your support in keeping this event alive.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us online or via phone here.